Double Cooper Pairs Theory
Ipoton Chan1*, B. K. Chaudhuri1
1物理系, 中山大學, 高雄, Taiwan
* presenting author:詹承濂,
The double cooper pairs might be normal and abnormal cooper pairs. Normal cooper pair is the pure BCS pairs coupled with two electrons via phonon. Abnormal cooper pair is caused by two electrons move from same direction. A positive charge maybe attracted by the two electrons at same time forming a pair of electrons. The superconductive electrons are around antiferromagnetic environment. If one electron escapes to form the hole, SDW(spin density wave) is showed in the experiment. If two electrons (spin up and spin down) escape at same time, two holes are formed at same time. The superconductivity electrically holes are formed by four holes. When the wave length of CDW or SDW is same with electrons', two wave will form resonance. Then the superconductivity appear. We give two suppose in the theory.

First:Electrons like to move in big tunnel.
Second:Electron like man who want to have another lover.

Keywords: Ipoton Chan