The evolution between monolayer and bilayer magneto-optical properties in non-uniform graphene nanoribbons
Hsien-Ching Chung (鍾 獻慶)1*, Ming-Fa Lin (林 明發)1
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chung (鍾)Hsien-Ching (獻慶),
During fabricating monolayer or few-layer graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), non-uniform GNRs (or hybrid graphene flakes) would be made at the same time. Recently, the non-uniform GNR, which is a stack of two GNRs with different widths, have been synthesized by mechanically exfoliated from bulk graphite [Phys. Rev. B 79 (2009) 235415]. Some theoretical predictions have been reported, such as gap opening via tuning the gate voltage and transport properties through quantum structures consisting of monolayer and bilayer GNRs. Under the influence of magnetic fields, magnetic quantization takes place and extensively alters the electronic properties. By tuning the geometric configuration of the non-uniform GNRs, the magneto-electronic properties could exhibit the features of a monolayer GNR, a bilayer GNR, and an intermediate case between them. In this presentation, the magneto-electronic and optical properties, such as energy dispersions, density of states, wave functions, and magneto-absorption spectra are presented. Furthermore, the evolution between monolayer and bilayer GNRs is discussed in detail.

Keywords: graphene nanoribbon, electronic property, absorption spectrum, monolayer, bilayer