The growth of silicon on Ag/Ge(111)-(√3×√3) surface
謝伯宜1, 吳佳原1*, 蘇泰龍1
1物理所, 國立臺灣師範大學, 台北, Taiwan
* presenting author:吳佳原,
In this experiment, we deposited Si atoms on Ag/Ge(111)-(√3×√3) at different temperature and observed the growth of Si atoms on surfaces by Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM). We found (√3×√3) islands and order structure on the Ag/Ge(111)-(√3×√3) surface. (√3×√3) islands are formed by the deposited Si atoms and under Ag layer. On the other hand, order structure are single layer of Si which can be divided into 2×2 hexagonal structure and rectangular structure.

Keywords: STM, silicene, silicon, Germanium