Summary of field quality of TPS lattice magnets
詹智全1*, 郭政穎1, 朱耘諒1, 張正祥1, 黃清鄉1
1磁鐵組, 同步輻射, 新竹, Taiwan
* presenting author:詹智全,
A modern 3-GeV synchrotron radiation light source is under construction in NSRRC, named Taiwan Photon Source (TPS). Great quality of magnets is required to control the electron-beam in the required orbit in the storage ring (SR) and the booster ring (BR) of TPS. The mechanical and magnet field performance of these magnets were fully inspected in NSRRC. The standard deviation of the integral field strength of 48 SR-dipole magnets is better than 0.1%. The integral multipoles and offsets of the magnetic center of the 240 SR quadrupole and 168 SR sextupole magnets conform to strict specifications. The field characteristics of the BR combined-function dipole magnet were analyzed with an average of processing raw data. The standard deviation of the field strength of 54 BR dipole-magnets is better than 0.2%. The field quality of 36 BR pure quadrupole and 48 BR combined-function quadrupole magnets are accepted to meet the requirement of the booster ring. The field strength and multipole errors of 24 BR sextupole magnets were also examined. The detailed magnetic performance and technical issues of lattice magnets are discussed in this report.

Keywords: Accelector, Magnet