Properties of associated particles in D* -jet in e+e- annihilation
江昆嶸1*, 李侑穎1, 陳鎰鋒1
1Department of Physics, National Central Unisverity, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:江昆嶸,
We use the charged D*-jet to study the properties of associated particles and mechanism of particle creation. We choose the e+e-→c¯c events at center mass energy on Υ(4S) by reconstructing charged D* and requiring its momentum to be greater than 2.5 GeV⁄C at Belle experiment. The total luminosity used in this study is 63.03 fb-1.
Properties of associated particle are studied only for N=1 and N=2 type events, where N is the number of associated particle(s) in D*-jet. Three preliminary results are obtained: firstly, ratios of gluon pair productions of u, d and s quarks are (6.46±1.13):(5.51±0.54):1. This result agrees with published experimental results. Secondly, study on how the energy is shared by charged D* and its associated particle. Thirdly, for N = 1 type events, the opening angle between D* and its associated particle and energy of associated particle is observed to be strongly correlated.
We still need the MC simulation to improve current results.

Keywords: fragmentation, D*-jet