Origin of Variety of Low-Energy "Competing" States including d-form Factor Density Waves in Cuprates
杜韋霖1,2*, 李定國1
1物理所, 中央研究院, 台北市, Taiwan
2物理所, 台灣大學, 台北市, Taiwan
* presenting author:杜韋霖, email:b97202027@ntu.edu.tw
One of the most puzzling facts about the cuprate high temperature superconductors is the observation of a variety of low-energy states in coexistence with the superocnductivity and/or antiferromagnetism in the underdoped regime. These states could have a unidirectional charge density wave like structure or a bidirectional checkerboard structure. Some of them like the stripe state could also have an intertwined charge density and spin density waves together. Can all these di erent states caused by di erent mechanisms and competing with the superconducting state? Can these states also be consistent with the recently observed d-form factor density wave in cuprates? In this talk we will present reasons to show that these states are all orginated from the same strong correlation inherent in the cuprates.

Keywords: superconductivity, cuprate