The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) project
Hsiang-Kuang Chang1*, for the COSI collaboration2
1Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States of America
* presenting author:Hsiang-Kuang Chang,
The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) is a balloon-borne spectrometer, polarimeter and imager, sensitive in the photon energy range from 0.2 to 10 MeV. Its heart is an array of 12 high purity germanium detectors. It is a pioneer work for developing the next generation Compton telescope to enhance sensitivity in particular. In this talk, I will present its science goals, current status, and future development. The COSI project is collaboration of NTHU, NCU, Academia Sinica, UC Berkeley, LBNL and CESR.

Keywords: gamma-ray astronomy, astronomical instrumentation