Experimental Demonstration of Lens-free Phase Shifting Imaging on Cold Rubidium Atoms
Chih-Chieh Lin1*, Ying-Hsian Wang1, Hung-Shiue Chen1, Z.X. Fan1, Po-Jui Tseng1, Dian-Jiun Han1
1Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chih-Chieh Lin, email:wayne720106@gmail.com
We experimentally demonstrate the lens-free nondestructive phase shifting imaging on ⁸⁷Rb magneto-optical trap (MOT) by using a Gaussian beam and accompanying with phase shifting interferometry. This scheme requires no imaging lens. Hence, aberration associated with it is completely eliminated and mechanical focusing can be avoided. Compared to the common shingle-beam nondestructive means, our proposed scheme allows energy per probe pulse delivered to the cold samples lowered by almost three orders of magnitude due to signal enhancement inherently provided in the two-beam configuration. In this talk, we will show our experimental realization of this novel nondestructive detection means for in-situ imaging on the rubidium-87 atoms trapped in a MOT. Besides, we will demonstrate the focusing capability provided in this scheme as well, though no imaging lens is used.

Keywords: lens-free phase shifting imaging for cold atoms, lens-free nondestructive phase shifting imaging on cold atoms, phase shifting interferometry of cold atoms