Optical coherence tomography with stimulated emission _a feasibility study
Chun-Hui Yu1*, Shen-Shou Max Chung1, Wen-Chuan Kuo1, Fu-Jen Kao1
1Institute of biophotonics, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:游淳惠, email:bowwow0124@gmail.com
Stimulated emission is a novel modality to be further exploited in imaging. It has demonstrated as the working mechanism behind super-resolving stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy, a Nobel chemistry award subject in 2014. Stimulated emission was also used in detecting “dark” fluorophores, which have very low spontaneous emission.
However, the potential of stimulated emission is yet to be fully developed. In this work, we have set up a pump-probe system with Michaelson interferometry configuration to detect stimulated emission and to realize coherence gating. By converting the incoherent spontaneous fluorescence into the coherent stimulated one, molecular labeling sensitivity can be combined with OCT, which would have tremendous potentials in biomedical imaging.

Keywords: pump-probe, stimulated emission, optical coherence tomography