Critical Slowing Down Conducted by Step-Current in Polarization Switching of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
吳雨衡1*, 李悅禎1, 郭萬銓1, 嚴祖強1
1物理學系, 國立中山大學, 高雄市, Taiwan
* presenting author:吳雨衡,
This research investigated the critical slowing down (CSD) in polarization switching (PS) of VCSELs conducted by step-function current injection. There were two types of step current: step-up and step-down. The relationship between Relaxation time and final current in the experiments resembles CSD in both of cases. The critical current (Ic) of two step-function current experiment are compared. We also discuss that the divergence of τr follow a power law. These results contribute to the understanding of the mechanism of CSD in VPS.

Keywords: VCSELs, polarization switching, critical slowing down