A fast approach to the LED-based illumination system design: one-time ray-tracing optimization method
Shu-Chun Chu1*
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan city, Taiwan
* presenting author:朱淑君, email:scchu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
During the process of designing an illumination system, each time when a designer modifies the system structure, he or she has to re-perform the ray-tracing process for confirming the system performance. The more complex an illumination system, the more rays need to be traced in the simulations, and it becomes much harder to sustain the repeatedly time-consuming ray-tracing process in an illumination system design. The development of the freeform lens design and fabrication technology now allows LEDs to be easily integrated with freeform lenses to accomplish high-efficiency illumination control. The “one-time ray-tracing optimization method” optimizes the performance of illumination systems by modifying the light source’s radiant property with a freeform lens, instead of modifying the illumination system structure. Using the method, one avoid the repeatedly time-consuming ray-tracing process in an LED-based illumination system design and thus can achieve the illumination system design quickly.

Keywords: illumination system design, optimization method