Surface plasmon resonance effect on the four layer of silver-silica-silver multilayer nanoshells
溫旻靜1, Yuan-Fong Chau1*
1電子系, 健行, 中壢市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yuan-Fong Chau,
In this paper. we investigate the spectral radiation properties of four layers of silver-silica-silver multilayer nanoshells by using finite element method for concentric multilayer nanospheres. The spectral tunability of the proposed structure is explaned and characterized by a plasmon hybridization model and a retarding effect. A thinner intermediate silica layer, scaled by particle size, red shifts the plasmon resonance. This shift is relatively insensitive to the overall particle size and follows the universal scaling principle with respect to the peak resonant wavelength of a conventional silica-gold core-shell nanoshell. It is anticipated that such studies will lead to development of multilayer nanoshells, which, in turn, will accelerate the development of new applications in nanophotonic field, which including plasmonic nanoantenna, solar cell, nanosensor, etc.

Keywords: spectral radiation properties , finite element method , multilayer nanoshells