Accelerator Physics and Techonology Development of Synchrotron Light Sources in Taiwan
1主任室, 同步輻射研究中心, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Gwo-Huei Luo,
Ring-based light sources continue playing important role in photons related science in the future. They offer beam properties that are complementary to linac-based free electrons laser. They provide very stable photon beams with high flux, brightness and pulse repetition rate. Generated photons won’t damage or over excited samples the way that FELs do. They also serve a large number of diverse users simultaneously.
Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is one of the advance projects in constructing a low-emittance electron storage ring with energy of 3 GeV. The project was proposed in 2006, approved in 2007 and groundbreaking in February 2010. The magnetic lattice of TPS is based on the Double Bend Achromat (DBA) structure. By allowing a slight positive dispersion in the straight sections, the natural emittance of 1.6 nm-rad can be achieved. In a 6-fold super-period configuration, the storage ring provides six 12-meter and eighteen 7-meter straight sections. A booster synchrotron is chosen as the injector, and both the booster and storage ring are housed in the same tunnel, forming a concentric arrangement. Seven beamlines are proposed for the first phase operation. The design, construction of TPS and initial commissioning of linac and booster will be presented.

Keywords: accelerator, synchrotron radiation, Taiwan photon source