Nonlinear wave dynamics in a media with anomalous laser-induced group velocity dispersion
YuanYao Lin1*
1Department of Photonics, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* presenting author:YuanYao Lin,
Nonlinear absorption are reported to have particular dependence on the chirp of excitation laser pulse awe to the pump-process and carrier dynamics [3]. Laser induced anomalous group velocity dispersion (GVD) was discovered in fused silica by manipulating the sign and magnitude of chirps of incoming laser pulse [4]. Although not quite clear about the origin of the anomalously laser induced GVD, the capability dispersion management with controlled laser chirp shall open new possibility in study of nonlinear pulse propagation effect which is crucial for applications such as long-haul optical fiber communication links and supercontinuum generation laser sources.

In this work, a nonlinear system with chirp depending disperion is modelled by variational approximation approach and nonlinear wave dynamics therein is investigated. One stable unchirped soliton and one unstable chirped soliton families are supported with properly adjusted pulse energy. The stable unchirped soliton and unstable chirped soliton exhibit as an attractor and saddle point, respectively. A input pulse fall into a stable region is attracted to form the unchirped soliton state while others is repalled and radiated dispersively by the saddle point. Potential applications yielding a factor of more than 100 in spectral broadening/compression are proposed based on this nonlinear model of practical material.

Keywords: chirp pulse, soliton, laser-induced dispersion