Fluorescence Saturation of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
Guan-Hao Chen1*, Tsong-Shin Lim1
1Department of Applied Physics, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
* presenting author:陳冠豪, email:s1002630@thu.edu.tw
Single-photon sources are key elements for quantum information technologies such as quantum cryptography, quantum information storage and optical quantum computing. Colour centres in diamond have been proven to be stable single-photon sources and thus essential components for reliable and integrated quantum information technologies. A key requirement for such applications is a large photon flux. This is always hampered by the collection efficiency of detection systems and the fluorescence saturation of itself. In this work we study the fluorescence saturation of fluorescent nanodiamonds. We use rate equations of negative-charge nitrogen-vacancy center to investigate effect of each parameter on the fluorescence saturation. We found that, the nonspinconserved decay rate constant, which is attributed to the non-axial spin-orbital coupling effect, plays an essential rule in the fluorescence saturation. Experimentally we measured the fluorescence saturation curves of fluorescent nanodiamonds with different sizes, which were expected to have different nonaxial spin-orbital interactions.

Keywords: Nanodiamonds, fluorescence saturation, rate equations, colour centers