The influence of the thermal effect to ZnOx nucleating on Si(111)
Po-Pay Huang(黃柏霈)1*, Sanjaya Brahma1, Ching-Shun Ku(古慶順)2, Shang-Jui Chiu(邱上睿)2, Kuang Yao Lo(羅光耀)1
1Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
2Material Science, 2. National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:柏霈黃,
The nucleation phenomenon of Zn on Si(111) from liquid phase to solid phase is complicated since there is kinetics pathway involved in the process. As the top of Zn dots would cover a ZnO shell after exposing to air and give a net dipole contribution to reflect the surface structure of Zn dots, its result can be observed by reflective second harmonic generation realize the evolution of Zn dots. In this work, we will show how the thermal effect to influence the evolution of sputtered ZnOx island nucleation on Si (111) by magnetron sputtering. As-growth ZnOx dots samples were treated with annealing process nearby the melting point. Through comparing with SEM images and RSHG pattern, the effect of surface diffusion and aggregation can be analyzed. Besides, the interface of Zn and Si(111) can be carefully examined by X ray diffraction with synchronic source. It is an important issue to understand the nucleation of thin film growth process.

Keywords: nucleation phenomeno, ZnO dots