Spinor Slow Light and Two-Color Qubits
Chin-Yuan Lee1*, Meng-Jung Lee1, Ite A. Yu1
1Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Neil Lee, email:homeworldlee@gmail.com
Electromagnetic induced transparency (EIT) is a phenomenon in a system consists of three energy levels, coupling laser and probe laser. With the assistance of coupling laser, the probe field can be preserved as matter wave. The propagation time of probe light can be dramatically decreased and the information contained by probe field can be manipulative. On the basis of EIT physics, we experimentally demonstrate a variation type of EIT. By means of four coupling fields, we can convert a single frequency probe photon into a state that is superposition of two different frequencies [1]. In other words, we formulate a two-component spinor slow with its properties highly tunable. We also used the light storage technique in ordinary EIT to study the relative phase evolution of the spinor. We believe such a EIT scheme could allow us to develop more practical quantum information technology. This talk will report on how to utilize spinor slow light as the two-color qubit and on the demonstration of quantum memory and rotator for such qubit.

Keywords: [1] M. J. Lee, J. Ruseckas, C. Y. Lee, V. Kudriašov, K. F. Chang, H. W. Cho, G. Juzeliūnas, and I. A. Yu, “Experimental demonstration of spinor slow light,” Nature Commun. 5, 5542 (2014).