Supression of Photonic Bandgap Reflection with Localized Surface Plasmon in Self-Assembled Plasmonic –Photonic Crystal
Lin, Ti-Li1*, Lin, Jiun-Hong1, Guo, Jun-Ting1, Kan, Hung-Chih1
1Physics, national chung cheng university, chia yi county, Taiwan
* presenting author:林迪利,
Here we demonstrate a dramatic modification of optical property of photonic crystal consisted of SiO2 nanoshpere decorated with metal-caps.In optical measurement, we observed suppression of photonic band gap reflectivity spectra peak to dip, and the experiment observations are resulted from the absorption of nanometer size metal-caps due to excitation of localized surface Plasmon, which is confirmed with our results rigorous coupled wave analysis(RCWA) and finite difference time domain(FDTD) method in our simulation.

Keywords: photonic crystal, Photonic Band Gap, silver nano-cap, localized surface plasmon