The energy calibration of BGO system for luminosity monitoring in BEAST II
Jiun-Jie Liau1*, Yu-Tan Chen1, Kuan-Po Lin1, Jie-Cheng Lin1, Kai-Ning Chu1, Jing-Ge Shiu1, Min-Zu Wang1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:廖俊傑,
The NTUHEP group is currently designing a BGO system to monitor the instant luminosity by measuring the back-to-back Bhabha events for BEAST II, a special detector for the commissioning of SuperKEKB and Belle II. The experiment of energy calibration for BGO system will be introduced in the presentation, the result shows that 20Mev of light source has 15 ~ 20 photon-electrons.

Keywords: Luminosity monitoring, Bismuth Germanate, Bhabha event