Color Variability of Red QSOs
Chen, I-Chenn1*, Hwang, Chorng-Yuan1, Tsai, An-Li1, Huang, Chia-Hsiang1
1Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:I-Chenn Chen,
It is generally believed that red QSOs are obscured (reddened) by the dust in their host galaxies. Nevertheless, it is still under debate that not all the red QSOs have the same reddening mechaism. Some studies suggested a smaller reddening material, such as the dust around accretion disk, or the intrinsic color variance of the QSOs. To verify the hypothesis, we addressed a study to monitor QSOs' color variability in short timescale. We used SDSS and WISE database to select our red QSOs sample with their rest-frame spectral color, and then adopted the long-term but short-timescale optical survey - PanSTARRS to monitor their optical color variability within years. We'll briefly show our results in this talk.

Keywords: red QSO, variability