Magneto-electric spectra of trilayer graphene with different stacking configurations
Thi-Nga Do1*, Yao-Kung Huang1, Chiun-Yan Lin1, Yi-Ping Lin1, Min-Fa Lin1
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Thi Nga Do,
We develop the generalized tight-binding model to study the magnetic quantization in trilayer graphenes. As to the low-lying band structures, there are important differences among trilayer graphenes with distinct stacking con gurations. While other stacking trilayer graphenes such as AAA, ABA, and ABC, are gap-less two-dimensional semi-metals with a slight overlap between valence and conduction bands, AAB-stacked trilayer graphene is a narrow-gap semiconductor. Three groups of Landau levels (LLs), with conduction and valence states, are characterized by the dominating sub-envelope function on distinct sub-lattices. The LL spectra, corresponding to the AAA-, ABA-, ABC- and AAB-stacked systems, are composed of monolayer-like LLs, monolayer- and bilayer-like LLs, monotonous and anti-crossing LLs; monotonous and entangled anti-crossing LLs, respectively. The predicted results could be veri ed by the experimental measurements from the scanning tunneling spectroscopy.

Keywords: trilayer graphene, LL spectra, Magneto-electric spectra