Role of Argon in Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown of Single-crystal Graphene
Yi-Luen Ma (馬逸倫)1*, Chang-Tai Hsiao (蕭長泰)1, Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)*2, Shu-Fen Hu (胡淑芬)*1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei 116, Taiwan
2Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei 106, Taiwan
* presenting author:馬逸倫,
Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon material which consists of hexagonal array of carbon atoms, and offers exceptional characteristics such as high transparency, low sheet resistance, suppleness, etc. In this reports, we show that graphene chemical vapor deposition grown on copper foil using methane as a carbon source is strongly affected by Argon, which appears to serve a role: control the concentrations of methane. The optimal conditions for suppressing double and multilayer graphene growth occur near 400 sccm, in 5 : 10 : x sccm of methane-to-hydrogen-argon ratio, and a total pressure is 760 torr. Raman mapping of 30 x 40 μm^2 area shows single layer domains with 5-15 μm linear dimensions. Circle Transmission Line Measurement (CTLM) is used to measure the electrical characteristic. We also demonstrate the use of these highly conducting and transparent electrodes in light- emitting-devices.

Keywords: graphene, Chemical Vapor Deposition