Pressure effects on the magnetic phase diagram in Skyrmion Cu₂OSeO₃
H. C. Wu1*, K. D. Chandrasekhar1, K. J. Hsieh1, H. Berger2, H. D. Yang1
1Department of Physics, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
22Institutes of Physics of Complex Matter, EPFL 1015, Lausanne, Swaziland
* presenting author:吳紘丞,
Using the temperature and magnetic field dependence of ac susceptibility measurements, the H-T magnetic phase diagram of Skyrmion Cu₂OSeO₃ at ambient pressure has been established. When applying the hydrostatic pressure with 5.22, 11.92 and 13.78 kbar, the ferromagnetic temperature Tc ~ 57 K is increased. The area of skyrmion A-phase located in 52 K≤T≤56 K and 150 Oe≤H≤550 Oe is also increased up to 50 K≤T≤59 K and 150 Oe≤H≤350 Oe at pressure 13.78 kbar. At low temperature range T≤30 K, there are extra features occurring in the ac susceptibility data might be due to the anisotropic character of Skyrmion. The explanations for the observations of pressure effects on the A-phase of skyrmion Cu₂OSeO₃ will be discussed.

Keywords: Pressure effect, Magnetic phase diagram, Skyrmion, Cu2OSeO3, Ac susceptibility