Enhanced single-photon emission with surface plasmon resonance
鄭畯元1*, 褚志崧1
1物理系, 清華大學, 新竹市, Taiwan
* presenting author:鄭畯元, email:pbpavc@gmail.com
Coherent control of interaction between single photons and quantum emitters is at the heart of quantum information science. Recently, many advances have been made in enhancing the interaction by confining the photon field in a small volume. Taking advantage of this approach, we manipulate the fluorescence from single quantum dots by coupling the emission to localized surface plasmon in a metallic nanorod array. We observe enhanced single-photon emission and reduced blinking. We also investigate antibunching of the emitted photons in the presence of surface plasmon resonance by time-correlated single photon counting.

Keywords: single-photon, surface plasmon resonance