A Study of Coupled Harmonic Oscillator Models toward Quantum Entanglement Dynamics in Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena
1物理所, 國立成功大學, 台南市, Taiwan
* presenting author:高至遠, email:groundwalker.tw@gmail.com
Peres-Horodecki-Simon criterion and logarithmic negativity are very powerful tools to determine the
separability and to measure the entanglement of Gaussian states. In this thesis, we set up several
models, all of which comprise a number of coupled oscillators, and by facilitating the separability
criterion and measure we're able to calculate the entanglement between each pair of oscillators at any
time analytically, which reveals several interesting phenomena, including entanglement sudden death
and revival of entanglement. Also, we compare the entanglement between center of mass coordinates
and that of their member oscillators, and thereby understand the role of it in a composite system.
Lastly, we'll make an attempt at appreciating the effects of particle numbers on entanglement. We
hope these analytically solvable models can help us understand more about the entanglement of
interacting systems and of large systems.

Keywords: quantum entanglement, disentanglement, entanglement measure, separability criterion