Survey of Solar Irradiation in Taiwan and Germany
1能源工程學系, 國立聯合大學, 苗栗市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Minghuey Huang,
Solar irradiation is the total energy per unit area for a period of time. It is the most important factor to predict how much energy can be produced by a solar energy transformation system such as a solar water heater or photo-voltaic system. There had been some arguments about how good is Taiwan's solar resources. Some believe that Taiwan have abundant solar energy, which is good replacement for nuclear power plant. Especially, higher than that of Germany. Some said that Taiwan is far below average among regions of similar latitude. This studies surveys 3 data banks and several literature and find some inconsistencies between several reports, which required more studies in details. It is concluded that Taiwan is not as abundant in solar energy as most of regions of the same latitude, however, still larger than Germany by a small margin.

Keywords: Solar irradiance, Solar irradiation, Photovoltaic, Renewable energy