Quantum sequencing: reading the genetic code with quantum mechanics
Massimiliano Di Ventra1*
1Physics, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, United States of America
* presenting author:Massimiliano Di Ventra, email:diventra@physics.ucsd.edu
Personalized or precision medicine refers to the ability of tailoring drugs to the specific genome and transcriptome of each individual [1]. It is however not yet feasible due the high costs and slow speed of present DNA sequencing methods. I will discuss a sequencing protocol we have suggested that requires the measurement of the distributions of transverse tunneling currents during the translocation of single-stranded DNA into nanochannels [2-5]. I will show that such a quantum sequencing approach can reach unprecedented speeds, without requiring any chemical preparation, amplification or labeling thus truly opening up the possibility of personalized medicine. I will also discuss recent experiments that support these theoretical predictions [6], and now form the core technology of the commercial sequencers being produced at Quantum Biosystems Inc. (http://www.quantumbiosystems.com/).

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Keywords: Quntum Transport, DNA