Universal Scaling Laws of Diffusion in 2D Granular Liquids
Chen-Hung Wang(王正宏)1*, Szu-Hsuan Yu(余思萱)1, Peilong Chen(陳培亮)1
1Department of Physics and Center for Complex Systems, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:王正宏, email:g.eq.8pit@gmail.com
We find, in a 2D air table granular system, the diffusion constant and excess entropy follow two distinct scaling laws for dense and dilute liquids. The scaling for dense liquids is very similar to the laws for 3D real liquids proposed previously. In the dilute regime, a power law also fits our data reasonably. In our system, particles experience low air drag dissipation and interact with each other through embedded magnets. These near-conservative many-body interactions, we believe, are responsible for the measured Gaussian velocity distribution functions and the scaling laws. The dominance of cage relaxations in dense liquids also leads to the two different scaling laws for dense and dilute regimes.

Keywords: Diffusion, Granular, 2D