A study on the collimation effects and their interplay in a graphene junction
Sheng-Shong Xie1*, Chon-Saar Chu1
1electrophysics, NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Sheng Shong Hsie, email:e5347056@yahoo.com.tw
In the study, we consider transmission of electrons from an armchair -graphene-nanoribbon(AGNR) into a semi-infinite graphene which is called graphene junction. Classical-like collimation is obtained in the low energy regime and for λ < W, where W is the width of the AGNR. Warping-induced valley-resolved collimation is obtained for large E(E~t0) where the transmitted beam consists 2 valley-resolved collimated beam. We have interests in the interplay of these two kinds of collimations in the intermideate regime.

Keywords: graphene-nanoribbon, valleytronic