Formation and physical property of nanocrystals of Ni silicides grown at different conditions
Syuan-Ling Ye1*, Pei-Wen Chen1, Yi-Chia Chou1
1Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
* presenting author:葉宣靈,
Transition metal silicides serve as contacts and interconnects in semiconductor transistors where nickel silicides such as NiSi and NiSi2 has been intensively used in microelectronic devices. It can be formed via high temperature fabrication and presents different nanocrystals surface-morphology.
We study the deposition of Ni on Si via sputtering at difference temperatures. The reactions of Ni and Si happen during deposition which results in the growth of Ni silicide islands. We will show nanosize crystals with consistent shapes for each condition and the phase will be discussed for each growth temperature. The physical property such as crystallography, magnetic property, and electrical property will be discussed. The basic understanding of such nanocrystals enables us to well-control the nanocrystal growth, thus apply to real applications in semiconductor devices.

Keywords: nanocrystals, nickel silicides