Analysis of the coupling effect of a plasmonic metal waveguide
汪展光1, Yuan-Fong Chau1*
1電子工程系, 健行科技大學, 中壢市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yuan-Fong Chau,
In this paper, we numerically analyze the coupling effect of a plasmonic metal waveguide which is composed of a silver-shell nanobead with a dielectric medium using a three-dimensional finite element method. The coupling effect can be modulated by adjusting the silver nanobead diameter, the covering dielectric medium width and the wavelength of incident light, the propagation length of surface plasmon (SP) coupling can be maximized. Simulation results reveal that the field confinement can be significantly improved and the majority of the electric field can be carried on the surface of the metal waveguide. The effects of electric field transport along the metal waveguide due to SP coupling which is investigated for different dimensions and lengths. Accordingly, long propagation lengths of about 41500 nm at an incident wavelength of 715 nm and longer propagation length can be achieved if the more sections of metal waveguide are used. Simulation results offer an efficient method for optimizing SP coupling into a metal waveguide and promote the realization of highly integrated plasmonic devices.

Keywords: coupling effect , silver-shell