Observation of Light Shift in Ladder-type Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Due to Thermal Effect
Chin-Chun Tsai1*, Zong-Syun He1, Li-Ren Liu1
1物理學系, 國立成功大學, 臺南市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Zong-Syun He, email:zonghsun@gmail.com
The light shift was observed by applying ladder-type electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in magneto optical trap (MOT) and room-temperature cell simultaneously. The observing light shift is from -0.2 MHz to +0.6 MHz as increasing the coupling power in MOT EIT, compared to room-temperature EIT with fixing conditions. Even though the tiny shift as changing the probe power in MOT EIT is unclear in our experiment, the tendencies and intercept are almost the same. The theoretical discussion and calculation will be performed further.

Keywords: Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), Magneto optical trap (MOT), Light shift