Giant vortex and persistent current of polariton condensates in a trap
鄭世達2, 江進福2, 程思誠1*
1光電物理系, 中國文化大學, 台北, Taiwan
2物理所, 國立交通大學, 新竹, Taiwan
* presenting author:程思誠,
A non-rotating polariton condensate in a trap can create spontaneously formed vortices. These vortices will form a lattice structure and the condensate is rotating spontaneously if the pump width is large. By designing a particular pump shape, a polariton condensate can also spontaneously generate a giant vortex with all phase singularities lying in a central hole. Then the condensate forms a spontaneously-rotating annular condensate whose superfluidity is determined by the pump power.

Keywords: polariton condensate, spontaneously formed vortices, giant vortex