Abrikosov Lattice as a Supersolid in a Fast Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate
鄭世達1, 江進福1, 程思誠2*
1物理所, 國立交通大學, 新竹, Taiwan
2光電物理系, 中矬文化大學, 台北, Taiwan
* presenting author:程思誠, email:sccheng@faculty.pccu.edu.tw
A fast rotating Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) can dynamically generate a vortex lattice called Abrikosov lattice. Usually we think that vortices arrange periodically in a Abrikosov lattice. However, we find that the density of the BEC in a vortex lattice is also arranged periodically and we then use the von Neumann lattice, which is equivalent to Abrikosov lattice, to describe a vortex lattice. From the excitation spectra of the von Neumann lattice, we show that there are phonon and superfluid bands existing in a vortex lattice. The coexistence of phonon and superfluid bands in a vortex lattice indicates that the lattice is a supersolid.

Keywords: vortex lattice , phonon band, superfluid band, supersolid