Search for B0p+ Λ D(*)- in Belle
Yen-Yung, Chang1*, Min-Zu, Wang1, Pao-Ti, Chang1, Shiu, Jing-Ge1
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yen-Yung Chang,
We report the analysis of B0 meson decays to p+ Λ D(*)- final state with 711 fb−1 (772×106 BB) data collected in KEKB-Belle. By comparing with the corresponding charged decay, B+p+ Λ D(*)0, we are able to isolate the contributions from the two B → BBM(c) major diagrams. The result serves as an examination to Non-perturbative QCD Factorization with heavy mesons, and provide insightful perspectives to three-body Baryonic B decays. The preliminary result will be presented.

Keywords: B physics, Belle, Baryonic , Nonperturbative QCD Factorization